Kingdom revealed.
Community restored.
Heaven on Earth.

Four years ago we started this community with the intention of cultivating an environment where people are known, can belong, and encounter the transformational power of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives. The particulars of what that looks like are heavily determined by the members of our community, and it has shifted and changed over time as we grow together and continuously learn about stewarding our resources, time, healing and gifts to bring God's goodness to our families, neighborhoods and city.

We purposefully shy away from over-specific belief statements, but have chosen to adhere to the Apostles' Creed as a statement of faith. Individuals in our community hold specific beliefs, as do the staff of Watershed Church, and if you'd like to dialogue about that we'd love to engage in conversation over it. 


Camping in the Presence.
Culture of healing. Culture of celebration. Culture of generosity. Culture of honor.

These values are guides for decisions we make concerning our community and its resources.
For us, learning to "camp in the presence of God" as the Israelites means that we desire to hear His voice, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and move when & where He does. This is our foundational value that anchors our decisions as a community. We begin each of the other values with the words "culture of..." to  denote the nature of their growth and development over time.




Lead Pastors & Planters of Watershed Church


Executive Pastor


watershed Board

Our board is composed of two Watershed members - Travis Hermon & Chris Mitchell - as well as two external members - Tom Davis & Rob Gibbs. Together with Tim, the Board helps guide budgetary & ethical decisions for Watershed.